Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Garden Delight!

Picked up some fresh mozzarella at Sam's Club (cute little individual servings), sliced it up on top of french bread slices, home grown tomatoes from my garden, topped with fresh snipped basil from my garden...toasted for 2 minutes under the broiler...yum!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Scott is working on his mission papers. He has to have his wisdom teeth pulled. He is meeting with the bishop and stake president tonight of his BYU ward and stake...aaahhhh!! The waiting is killing me!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

2010 Weston Family Highlights
January - Trip to Memphis for cousin Ethan George's baptism! Liv makes straight A's!
February - Trip to Tennessee for Jennifer & Jeff Glancy's temple sealing! Scott passed his Eagle Board of Review! Chloe was accepted to BYU & received the Isom Pride Scholarship!
March - A lot of TRACK meets! Sophi qualified for Regionals in the 4X8.
April - Camping at Clifty Falls! Prom dress shopping! Scott was accepted to BYU & received a 3-D art Scholarship from BYU!
May - Visit from Mom & Dad Weston! Scott received art award Greenwood High School! Scott & Chloe GRADUATED!!
June - Liv danced in her ballet recital! Sophi & LaDawn went to Young Women camp for a week! Scott & Chloe graduated from Seminary!
July - George Family Reunion/Indiana! Youth Conference Pioneer Trek! Jake's 1st Scout High Adventure!
August - Weston Family Reunion/Utah! Scott & Chloe stay in UTAH to start college at BYU!
September - Camping & Rock Climbing at Red River Gorge/Kentucky! Jake lettered in Soccer! Sophi lettered in Cross Country!
October - Sophi got her license! Trip to Tennessee to see William James born to Jenn & LaMonte!
November - Rance finished his first FULL MARATHON! Thanksgiving at Granny Opal's and Pa Jerry's!
December - Scott & Chloe are home for Christmas!
We are thankful for a full and wonderful year!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Baby is Eleven!

Her 1st Birthday!

Olivia Katherine celebrated her 11th Birthday on October 28th! I can't help but remember the day she was born...it was so peaceful!! My epidural actually worked so I was able to deliver her without making strange animal sounds! She was a healthy 9 lbs. 13 oz. - 21 and 3/4 inches long. What made the experience so wonderful was the fact that my doctor left almost immediately after she was born due to an emergency c-section she had to perform. It seemed like all of the hospital staff went with her because we were left alone in our room, just me, Rance and our new little girl, for several hours. Liv hadn't even been cleaned up or weighed but she was beautiful and we just enjoyed this quiet opportunity to be with her, fresh from Heavenly Father.

Liv had her best friends over last night for a sleep-over after we went to our ward Trunk-or-Treat. They talked Rance and me into playing Murder in the Dark with them. We had a great time. Granny Jordan made her cake!

Kaley, Liv, Megan & Leah!

A glimpse into Kaley & Olivia's future?

I had a photo shoot on her actual birthday...she tagged along so I got this shot.

It's a tradition for her to have sushi on her birthday so Rance & I made a special delivery to school and had lunch with her!

All dressed up in her birthday presents from Mom & Dad!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Four Days

I have four days left of life as I've known it for the past 18 and a half years. Bittersweet.